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About Us

Yi Pin is an authentic Chinese restaurant.

Co-founder Mr. Hu Nanhai has been passionate about Chinese culinary culture since childhood. Ever since he entered Kuwait F&B industry decades ago, he has been committed to providing the most authentic Chinese cuisine to food lovers living in Kuwait.

With deep awareness of the diversity of the culinary world, Mr. Hu has never stopped to explore and innovate – Yi Pin is a natural result of such inspiration. A Chinese Restaurant with its specialty in Chinese Hot Pot and Cantonese Dim Sum, first of this kind in Kuwait, Yi Pin’s goal is to introduce original Chinese cuisine into Kuwait, allowing local food enthusiasts to enjoy delicious cuisine while also experiencing the profound connotations of Chinese culinary culture.

Yi Pin is not only a restaurant, but also aims to be a platform for cultural exchange, welcoming people from different countries to come together to savor wonderful food, exchange culture and build friendship.

Everyone is cordially invited to Yi Pin to enjoy Chinese cuisine together (Yi) and savor (Pin) its unique charm.

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