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​Welcome to Yi-Pin


Welcome to YI-PIN Restaurant, your passport to an authentic Chinese culinary journey! Nestled in the heart of Kuwait, the restaurant is a haven for those seeking a true taste of China's rich and diverse cuisine.

At YI-PIN, we invite you to savor the exquisite flavors of China...


We introduce you the art of Chinese Cusine

Welcome to our exquisite Chinese restaurant, where culinary artistry meets authentic flavors. Our kitchen is graced by a skilled Chinese chef, dedicated to bringing you the true essence of Chinese cuisine. From the first bite, you'll embark on a sensory journey, savoring the rich taste, impeccable quality, and enticing aromas that define our dishes.


1st Floor, Avenues Mall, Phase 1

next to Cinescape

Opening Hours

11am-11pm Daily


HOT POT - DIM SUM - ROAST DUCK and more....

What Our Diners Say About Us

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"YIPIN, where authenticity meets excellence! Impeccable service, top-tier food quality, and a stunning restaurant design create an ambiance that makes every visit memorable. The flavors are simply outstanding – a true feast for the senses!"

Fay Salinas

"At YIPIN, authenticity shines through in every aspect. Exceptional service, delectable flavors, and a thoughtfully designed space make this restaurant a gem. The ambience is inviting, and the vibe is perfect for a delightful dining experience."

Erika Huff

"YIPIN is a culinary delight! From the warm service to the exquisite food quality, every visit is a treat. The restaurant's design is a harmonious blend of modern and traditional, setting the stage for a fantastic dining ambiance."

Zakir Gregory

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